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Hey Y'all!!!

Welcome to the Three Wise Chicks Blog and Website!!  We couldn't be happier than we are right now as we share our journey with all of you!  Our story is pretty simple, spread the love and healing of holistic and therapeutic essential oils.

Our website is continuing to grow, along with our product offering.  Every product we offer is something we would and DO use in our own home, or on our own animals.  We competitively run barrels and train many horsemanship horses for national and local competitors.....every horse, every ride gets treated with the healing and relieving powers of our Muscle Elixir!

We have some SUPER exciting things brewing here at 3WC, so check the website often and keep up with us on Instagram and of course right here on our'll also want to be on the lookout for us at your local rodeos and jackpots (don't be shy! Get up there and say HI!)! Share with us your testimonials and tag us in your Instagram post and you could be chosen to have a spotlight shoutout from one of our awesome team members.

As our own Master Blender would say, in a world of turmoil, take the time to "Spread Some Good Vibes".

Thank you for visiting!