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About Us & Our Products

Welcome to the home of Three Wise Chicks

We believe in living as clean and naturally as possible, free of harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. We started developing products to aid us in our daily lives as well as with our animals with aches and pains, anxiety, headaches and other maladies. We found our blends worked as well as some store bought products but didn't contain all the harmful things that we shouldn't be putting on or in our bodies. As our research progressed we found the best oils to use and an Artist of the Craft to blend the ingredients in just the right ratios.

We are also animal owners and because we use Apothecary Grade essential oils it wasn't long before we discovered that many of our products had amazing effects on our horses and dogs too.

Three Wise Chicks uses the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. We use fractionated carrier oils, which come directly from the plant and are not refined or processed in any way. Some carrier oils are sold processed and diluted having been mixed with cheaper oils,thus diluting their intrinsic healing abilities. We mix 100% pure essential oils with our pure carrier oils to get the best clean, undiluted and most potent working product available.

Three Wise Chicks strives at creating amazing unique products that are made with love. We carry a variety of blends that are perfect not only for you, but your horses and dogs too.

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