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Holistic and Theraputic Oil Uses & Benefits

Essential oils are so named because they contain the "essence" of the plant from which they were obtained. Plants have been used for Centuries for their medicinal, therapeutic or cognitive function affecting abilities. These oils are extracted from plants to create a more pure, effective treatment utilizing all of the plants' natural abilities. Some oils have been proven to help with sore muscles and joints. Some have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and other oils can help with mood, memory, and mental state.


Oil is extracted in several different ways. Some manufacturers apply heat and chemicals to the plant or nut and then must use more chemicals to separate the essential oil from the chemicals. We use oils that have been extracted by "cold press" where pressure is applied to squeeze the oil out. This results in a cleaner, safer more pure oil. All of our oils and blends are apothecary grade and meet the USDA standard to be certified Organic.

Essential oils have little to no side effects. Some are to be taken orally, some applied to the skin and others only used aromatically in a diffuser. Some essential oils contain a concentrated level of phytochemicals, which must be diluted with a carrier oil to be safe for topical use.  It is advised to always know how to use your essential oil and if going to be applied to the skin, test on a small area first to make sure you're not allergic.

Three Wise Chicks uses absolutely pure essential oils and fractionated carrier oils in all of its products. Our blended oil products are mixed by an Artist in the field of Essential oils are not available anywhere else.

Essential oils can be used for:

Aches & Pains In Muscles And Joints  
Fight Cold & Flu
Digestive Issues
Respiratory & Breathing Difficulty
Relieve Stress & Aid Insomnia
Balance Mood & Hormones
Improve Your Hair & Skin
Repel Insects
Sun Screen In The Range Of 5 SPF
Household Cleaners
And much much more...