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Wholesale Air Flow
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Wholesale Air Flow

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This Wholesale Version of our popular Air Flow comes in packs of 6 per order! Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for wholesale orders as these are custom orders.

Airflo is one of our most popular blends for humans and horses. Airflo is an essential oil blend that can be used in your diffuser in your house or trailer, or applied directly to your horses muzzle as a breathing aid. Airflo is used as an external breathing aid that is effective for respiratory problems, congestion, asthma and relaxing deep breathing. It is also effective for stress and mental sluggishness.

Use Airflo at home, during shows, in dusty barns, at events and during travel. This product is 100% pure essential oils blended specifically as an external breathing aid for humans and horses.

How to use:

Depending on the size of your diffuser, simply use 1-2 capfulls mixed with a small amount of water. Airflo will help sooth sinus congestion and other symptoms that can be associated with a cold or allergies. 

Airflo for Horses is used as a muzzle rub, helping open up airways and increase breathing. Simply apply 1/2-1 capfull directly in the palm of your hands and rub on your horses muzzle 20-30 minutes prior to competition or directly after.

As with all performance aids, always check with your veterinarian. We do not recommend Airflo to be used in nebulizers for horses and recommend you check with your nebulizer company for products they have specifically designed for your nebulizer machine.

Proprietary Blend