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Wholesale Calm
Three Wise Chicks

Wholesale Calm

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This Wholesale Version of our popular Calm bottle comes in packs of 6 per order! Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for wholesale orders as these are custom orders.

One of our Signature blends, available only through Three Wise Chicks. Pure oils provide a natural remedy to help with anxiety, agitation and hypersensitivity. Our unique calming aromatic blend allows both children, adults and horses to find a sense of calm and relieve mental stress, while remaining alert and self-aware.  This special blend was created to aid in grounding and reassuring your energy.

Calm is amazing for horses and helps with hyperactive and stressful conditions. 

How to use:

Calm for human use:

For maximum benefit, apply generously to the back of your neck, behind your ear lobes and on both wrists.

Calm on horse use:

Apply 10-20 minutes before competing or showing. Generously use the roller bottle to rub around the nostrils, the poll and under the horses neck. Use to calm horses before long periods of travel.

This product is also great for stallions and young, insecure fillies or colts.

*10ml Roller Bottle

Proprietary Blend