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Wholesale CLEAN Animal Wash
Three Wise Chicks

Wholesale CLEAN Animal Wash

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This Wholesale Version of our popular Clean Animal Wash comes in packs of 6 per order! Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for wholesale orders as these are custom orders.

Clean is one of our most popular pet products and provides a high-grade beneficial oil wash that leaves your horse or dogs coat shiny and soft. Featuring one of our favorites, Tea Tree oil, this wash helps with skin irritations and is also a natural repellent of insects and parasites. Perfect for shows or at home and is perfect when you are caging or stalling multiple animals.

Clean will have your animal friends feeling and smelling amazing.

How to Use:

Clean is made up of all natural ingredients but does not lather up like a typical shampoo and a small amount goes a long way!


We recommend that Clean be used on horses 1-3 times a week. Clean has a natural insect repellent and helps with fly's and bugs while also providing a glimmering, shiny and radiant coat and mane.


We recommend that Clean be used on dog 1-2 times a week. First, rinse your dog off with water, then apply 1-3 pumps depending on dogs size. Start at the dog's neck and work all the way down their back, leaving a soft and radiant coat.

*Avoid direct contact on sensitive areas such as the eyes. Thoroughly rinse.

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