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Wholesale Muscle Elixir
Three Wise Chicks

Wholesale Muscle Elixir

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This Wholesale Version of our popular Muscle Elixir Spray comes in packs of 6 per order! Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for wholesale orders as these are custom orders.

Three Wise Chicks Muscle Elixir is one of our signature blends, and available exclusively through Three Wise Chicks. Intended for use on both humans and horses, our Muscle Elixir will naturally help ease muscle tension, arthritis and soreness. Pure essential oils provides natural relief of over worked muscles and body aches.

Our 100% drug free formula can be used before or after runs, workouts or any intense athletic exertion.  Three Wise Chicks Muscle Elixir is a great addition to your home, gym bag or horse trailer! 

Three Wise Chicks Muscle Elixirs soothing and aromatic properties allow for harmony and balancing of both the body and mind and is a great addition to your equine program.

How to use:

Generously apply on areas that are sore, tight, overworked or strained. Massage deeply into the muscles, working out any tight or painful areas on the body. Our Elixir can be used along with stretching exercises and physical therapies.

Always check with your doctor for an assessment of your physical ailments

Three Wise Chick Muscle elixir is great for after competition equine massages, as well as injury recovery. Our Elixir can be used daily after any athletic exertion, both in the practice pen and in competition. Muscle Elixir helps relieve inflammation and ease pain.

Always check with your veterinarian, Equine Chiropractor or Equine Specialist to discuss the benefits of 100% pure therapeutic oils

For External Use Only

Proprietary Blend